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Kryolan 3 Minutes Reivew #Kryolan3minreview + Black&White painting

The holiday in Bangkok was fantastic,  my family and I had so much fun and a wonderful quality time with my folks in Bangkok. We didn’t want to come back!  Having to come back, I felt deflated, sad and low. After a couple of days, I decided that I will come out of the homesick blue and do something useful, creative or fun.   I noticed that there was a youtube competition run by Kryolan! I decided to have a go. This is the end result and I am one of the three winners to receive 300 Euros worth of make up from Kryolan! I cant wait to receive this!  I will update with a picture of what I have won.

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> monasmallkryolan


My Kryolan 3 minutes review on Kryolan Aquacolor. Products used: Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenze Bronze – on face, hair and lips Kryolan Aquacolor Interferenze Kryolan Aquacolor White Recap: paint petal shapes using Interferenze Bronze add details and linework using black add some shading using Interferenze Blue/Green add highlight details using White paint hair and lips using Interferenze Bronze Additional Info:  Nail polish is Kryolan in Thrilling. Love it! x If you prefer, Kryolan also do SupraColor which are grease based paints but they are also highly pigmented and they also do Interferenze range. You will need make up remover to remove SupraColor.   I have also sent in a photo of self painting to participate in a Black and White Competition by Cameleon Body paint.


2013-09-14 23.10.10 the finished result – unedited


2013-09-15 00.35.56 wiping some of the paint off my lips for a cup of tea!


THAT’S it for now, I hope you still enjoying going through my painty journey with me 🙂 xooxoxxo Mona TURBO!


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