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Paintopia Face and Body Art Festival

Paintopia Face and Body Art Festival,  9 -12 May, Norwich

 2013-05-11 22.17.37


I had such a blast at Paintopia at the beginning of May 2013, I signed up to go because I recently got into body painting and thoroughly enjoyed creating something different paints.  I decided to bite the bullet and entered a few competitions but all just for fun and I came to Paintopia for a jolly, really!

To top it off, some of my artist friends won some fab awards!


Lorrain Taylor and Alison Bessant – Winner of prof/apprentice  category

Mel Broom and Lynn Fraser – 2nd runner up prof/apprentice

Mel Broom – runner up Elite face painting category


Cameleon Colourblock Demo, I was helping out and did one hour demo for Eugenie of Cameleon paint.  They are wonderful creamy paint to work with and I also helped Eugenie design a colourblock called Venus.    Thank you those who came to watch, I hope you enjoyed the demo and a special thank you to Janet Bounden for giving me the support during the demo.  I hope I did you proud Eugenie, Paul and Juliet.

966782_10152394448791531_1159320_oMe and Ma Ayan, my gorgeous model and she also assisted me on the first body painting comp

Gala dinner evening:   We had a good evening, hot food buffet and it wasn’t roast dinner. Yippeee!!!!

I couldn’t believe it when Claire and Julie from Illusion Magazine announced that I was awarded the brand new Illusion Magazine Inspirational Artist 2013 because. It would have been super wonderful to have listened to their speech.  Unfortunately, I was far away in the worried mummy land sitting right at the back of the room – busy texting my husband as he was asking me when I will arrive home the next day and that the children were missing me badly.  The next thing I knew, Cheryl Howl shouted go Mona, go get it!  I went to the front asking what I got!


I went up to see Claire and Julie with my upper chest covered in lipstick marks from my girl friends, we had loads of laugh!


Not until a week after Paintopia when it was all sinking in, the emotions were flooding in and I couldn’t have thanked them enough for such recognition and that they have chosen me.


Well, Paintopia 2014, I am coming back next year if you would have me.  I have made some wonderful friends whom I will be seeing them again soon,  and it was so nice to catch up with familiar faces.  Thank you for all the good times I had, it was much needed.


Poem to go with my piece.  The theme was ‘Out of This World’

I’m from my own deep dark dream,
as if I’m not from this world,
yearning to be like a pretty butterfly,
longing for the taste of freedom
and a lick of sunshine on my dusty wings,
but I’m merely  a moth
hiding in the shadow of the darkness.
I can’t help it but flutter towards dangerous flames,
letting go of all emotions and anger.
I can’t describe it…
It’s out of this world.

IMG_7291 Moth Queen , my entry for the main competition




901262_509931322404306_1730404164_oMoth Queen o the runway

264555_368540029916749_284963323_nProfessor/Aperentice Competition – The Shoalin Princess Warrior

264571_10201229115832860_595656846_nLouise my lovely model

2013-04-07 19.26.32making the mask for the gala dinner and a competition

2013-04-06 01.11.252013-04-05 16.28.16a sketch and my handmade embelishments for Moth Queen

2013-05-10 11.54.58 2013-05-10 15.05.47Moth Queen

2013-05-12 12.30.29 My entry for Glitter Body Art Competition

My601804_10201179499672487_393816705_n 306847_10200943863135781_1665066326_n


966373_510493349014770_556609473_o Me! Painted as a Cybog Clow by Mel Broom, she won 2nd place in Elite Category

933927_636368926375150_891154695_nLouise won 2nd runner up ‘Model of the Year 2013’

936370_10201217193614812_315428242_n Just me having a fab time!


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