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Kryolan Marathon Masterclass 2013 at the Royal Opera House for Charles Fox of Covent Garden


Kryolan Marathon Masterclass 2013 at the Royal Opera House for Charles Fox of Covent Garden

25-26 May 2013


 A week after Paintopia, I got a phone call from  Charles Fox asking if I could come and paint a half body.  I thought that suited me and it sounded fun – I like half body painting, dontchu know?   Normally, I had to pay to attend events, just to paint a body or two.  Hell yeah!  I was up for it.  Not until 5 days before the event I got the information through saying I would be doing a demo for the Masterclass on stage at the Royal Opera House in front of approximately 90 artists.  *Gasping*   What?! With a camera and a microphone attached to my newly brought Sainsbury’s bra too?

“Sketch for the event” 2013-05-20 09.32.53


monaturnbll_suit3FB monaturnbull_suitFB

A test run on freshly shaved hubby, Steve. Thank you dude!


Before the event, I was so nervous, I could hardly stop worrying . Unsure if I was cut out for this, you know? I hardly slept as I did not wish to let anyone down.  Allison Bessant also came along to help assist with the painting,  thank you Alison.


Anywho, on the day,  setting the right frame of mind.  My head held high, with a smile on my face.  I embarked on a fabulous journey of my crazy full on painty day.  As soon as we started prepping, painting  before stage.  The time just flew by and I had such a blast!  I had much fun painting lovely genuine models, working with wonderful supportive people.  We even painted along side Stuart Bray who is the most prolific SFX artist in the industry!

935054_532385213492513_1261292910_n 933975_558843930825531_1745300195_n312231_558843850825539_1571909485_n 379665_558843704158887_1253283873_n 935434_558843920825532_635071800_n 935620_558843714158886_202389230_n JoshLittleJoshLittle2

On Stage and the finished paint on Josh Little with SFX prosthetic buttons.  Josh is a trooper, he is a dancer and also a semi pro model

I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  To top off an already fabulous wonderful day, we had a fab party afterwards at the store. Oh wow, had so much fun networking, chatting, laughing and buying some wonderful Kryolan make up all for myself, not for business.

Pictures Below: Kyle James has been horrored up by Stuart Bray and painted by Alison Bessant and myself. Kyle is a model/actor and an artist himself.



Luke Bradshaw -one of my gorgeous models who is a talented modern ballet dancer.

2013-05-25 14.55.15

Jon Frugoni, my gorgeous model. x


four_ModelsInstragram photo by Chris Davis, the photographer.

Thank you so much Charles Fox for putting your trust in me and having faith in me.  I hope I did you proud.  Thank you everyone at the Charles Fox for a truly uplifting and exhilarating event.

If you are in Covent Garden please stop by and visit Charles Fox at 22 Tavistock Street, you wont disappoint!

Visit Kryolan business Page on Facebook for new pro shots and videos.



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