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Maternity Bump Painting – I got the bump bug!

I thoroughly enjoy painting maternity bumps. There is something very special about it.


The above  image has been chosen and published in the Illusion Magazine issue 22  I am so delighted!



This is the little bubba. Awwww

2013-05-30 15.49.51

My rough mood board for the above painting.  It’s a bit wrinkly because I spilled some water over it while painting, Oops.

This image below has been also chosen and publised in the Illusion Magazine issue 22.




this is the little bubba inside the bump 🙂

DSC_0159 Camilla and her friend.

340204_585671408128145_1858181474_o 793671_585670744794878_870285609_o

My client, Camilla, loves Josephine’s Wall, so that was my brief.  She also loves sunflowers, roses and peacock feathers. Camilla drove all the way from Reading to get painted.  The above images are sketching for Camilla 🙂 x




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